Water polo is one of the fastest growing sports in New Zealand. Here are some great reasons for you to give it a try!

Fast paced game that’s fun to play and exciting to watch
It’s like basketball in the pool. The game is played in four quarters, teams attack and counter attack very quickly and in the older grades there’s a 30-second shot clock which adds an exciting dimension.

Great for fitness and physical conditioning
Water polo is one of the most physically demanding sports, players use every muscle in their body to stay above water while trying to outmaneuver the opposition. There are no fixed positions so all players are constantly swimming up and down the pool as they switch from defensive to offensive roles with each counter-attack.

Any body type. All shapes and sizes.
Unlike sports that are suited to particular body types, the pool evens out the playing field so people of all shapes and sizes have the potential to excel at water polo. This helps youth to gain confidence and be proud of their body type.

Learn new skills
Nobody knows how to play water polo the first time they jump in the pool. So everyone is in the same boat in terms learning the skills needed to play the game.

From egg beating (a style of kick that allows you to maintain a stable vertical position) and water polo swimming (head-up while controlling the ball) to pressing (applying defensive pressure to a player), types of passing, shooting techniques and ball tricks to beat opposition. You will learn at the same pace as your new water polo friends and develop an understanding of game strategy as you play together.

There are very few injuries
Although water polo has all the intensity of a contact sport like rugby, because it’s played in water there is very little risk of impact injuries such as concussions, broken bones or ligament damage.

Develop communication skills
Like any team sport, players need to coordinate with their teammates and communicate who they’re marking and what the best attacking opportunities. What makes water polo unique is that players need to communicate in an echoey pool environment, while struggling to keep their head above water without being able to use any body language.  They need to develop strong and clear vocal communication skills with a heighten awareness of visual communication to scan the pool and read a play often with only the flick of a head.

Builds resilience and character
Demanding training sessions (often  1 to 1.5hrs in the pool) ingrains the concepts of dedication, discipline and resilience. There is a mental toughness that develops from the training and challenging competition as one player wrestles to dominate their counter-part.

Playing water polo builds character and the confidence of knowing you can learn new skills, adapt and take on whatever comes your way in life.

Connect with families and friends from your community
Water polo has a tight knit, supportive community. The regular tournaments and league competitions help to build a strong sense of camaraderie among players and supporters alike. Through shared experiences, you will form strong bonds with your new friends.

Want to try water polo?

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