Flippa Ball is a fun precursor to water polo and helps children learn basic skills while building confidence in the pool.

Flippa Ball is played in a shallow pool (1m deep) by Primary school aged children from year 3 up to year 6. Competitions run throughout terms 1, 2, 3 and 4 on Sunday afternoons.

Want to give Flippa Ball a go?
Check with your school sports coordinator to see if there is a team you could join…  or get a group of friends together to start a new team. If you’re going it alone register your interest with a local league to see if you can join another team. Please find links below for more information about local leagues:
Sacred Heart League
Epsom League

Ready for water polo?
Marist Water Polo offer an under 12 programme which runs on Sunday mornings throughout terms 1, 2, 3 and 4. There are weekly training sessions working towards four major tournaments per year, for more details visit the under 12 team page.

All children aged under 12 as at 01 January are eligible to enter so players generally range in age from 9 years old to 12 years old (11 years on 01 Jan). For tournaments, players are allocated into teams according to their skill level (A, B or C grade). During term 4, Marist Water Polo hold a series of introduction sessions for new players, register your interest below.

Want to join the club?

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